Smart Technology Use Survey


Grades Awarded to Arizona School Districts for their “Smart Technology Use”

“Parents want to know how schools are using technology and what they are doing to keep children safe while on the technology,” said Arizona Family Council president Jeremy Geigle.

In order to help parents, students, and schools, Arizona Family Council administered the “Smart Technology Use” survey to a sampling of school districts in Maricopa County.  The results of the survey were then analyzed and each district was given a grade according to how safe and smart the school districts were being with their technology.

Arizona Family Council is pleased to present $2,500 and the “Smart and Safe Technology” 2013 award to Glendale Elementary School District. Glendale District has implemented a “bring your own technology” program in their schools.  And to ensure safety, they require the devices to be registered and filters to be on them.  Glendale Elementary School District is forward thinking with their technology use and their safety measures.

The school districts surveyed were questioned about: student age and internet use, filters and monitoring software, “bring your own technology” – if districts are doing it and what policy and education have been put in place to deal with the program, and other topics.

“Many great things are happening in Arizona schools with technology, but there are some concerns too, like lack of internet safety curriculum and schools not being prepared for ‘bring our own technology’ issues,” Geigle said.  “Parents can now use this survey to have a conversation with their district about safety and technology.”

To read the full survey, grades given to each district, and analysis go to Smart Technology Use Survey Results and Analyses

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