Good Pictures Bad Pictures

When I saw this new book, Good Pictures Bad PicturesI knew this is what I needed and my children needed.  It teaches children about the very foundation of why pornography is dangerous. What I love most is the 5 point plan.  The plan helps children (and adults) create a plan when we see pornography (it’s not if you see it, it’s when). I have purchased several copies of this book and have read it several times to my children. Teaching them about pornography is not a one and done, check it off the list topic. It is a topic that needs to be addressed frequently. And kids need to hear it from YOU- their mom and dad! Good Pictures Bad Pictures  helps parents know where to start and what to say- which I have heard from many parents that they just don’t know how to start the conversation with their child. Well, now you do!

And as a side note, the people behind this book and their website have an excellent blog and website. Bookmark it, because you’ll use it a lot!

Buy the book here.

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Arizona Family Council's Mission

Arizona Family Council (AZFC) is a non-profit that seeks to empower families in their fight against pornography. AZFC fights against pornography by educating local offcials, creating a community standard of decency, and providing accurate information to the public about the dangers of pornography.