Critical Conversations

Conversations You Must Have With Your Child

Back to school is a great time to establish rules and guidelines, install safety controls, and have conversations with your children about your family’s media and technology standards.  Here are 4 important conversations that you should have with your child/children:

What is pornography and how does its addictive nature ruin your life?

What are the criminal consequences of online behavior such as texting, sexting, cyberbullying, and posting obscene pictures on blogs, facebook, or other social networking sites?

Everything put out in the digital world will be there forever, pictures, words, and conversations.  Realize that your future can be seriously harmed by momentary stupid online pranks, a questionable picture, or an abusive comment put online for all to see.  Future college interviews, job interviews, future friends and family can see and read everything you’ve ever put online – for better or worse.

What is an online predator and how do you stay safe while using the Internet? Personal information, names, locations, phone numbers, ages, etc, are extremely dangerous for anyone of any age to put on the Internet.

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Arizona Family Council's Mission

Arizona Family Council (AZFC) is a non-profit that seeks to empower families in their fight against pornography. AZFC fights against pornography by educating local offcials, creating a community standard of decency, and providing accurate information to the public about the dangers of pornography.