Educate Empower Kids

Have you heard of Educate Empower Kids? They are AWESOME!! I have been throughly impressed with the quality of products to help parents talk to their children about sex. This can sometimes be a hard topic for parents. Where do I begin? How much do I say? How old should my kids be? EEK has produced books called “30 Days of Sex Talks.” There are 3 easy to read books based on the age of your child. I have used them in my house and we have always had a positive discussion about healthy sexuality and the harms of pornography. These books are a must have on EVERY parents bookshelf!


Learn more about the books at Come to the conference on Sept. 12 to hear Educate Empower Kids present on information that is critical to your child’s growth!



Blank bookcover with clipping path
Blank bookcover with clipping path

Arizona Family Council's Mission

Arizona Family Council (AZFC) is a non-profit that seeks to empower families in their fight against pornography. AZFC fights against pornography by educating local offcials, creating a community standard of decency, and providing accurate information to the public about the dangers of pornography.