25 Free Things Kids Can Learn Online

Arizona Family Council works diligently to undermine pornography in our culture, but we also understand the benefits that come from the Internet.  Common Sense Media posted an interesting article on 25 Cool Things Kids Can Learn Online (For Free!).

The 25 Cool things range from learning to play the Star Wars‘ theme on a piano to learning how to program.  The Internet has so much information that it can be difficult to find things that are useful and engaging.  If you would like to read the full blog post follow this link to commonsensemedia.org.


Arizona Family Council's Mission

Arizona Family Council (AZFC) is a non-profit that seeks to empower families in their fight against pornography. AZFC fights against pornography by educating local offcials, creating a community standard of decency, and providing accurate information to the public about the dangers of pornography.